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Beautiful Piemonte

Aktualisiert: 24. Apr. 2020

Fun fact: The Piedmont is actually the birth place of Comme Soie. It was there on a crisp autumn afternoon after having a delicious lunch where we decided to work together and came up with our blog’s name: Comme Soie.

Famous for its vine-clad hills, castles, rustic trattorias, trufflesand of course fabulous wines, the Piedmont is still one of our favorite places to visit for a relaxing weekend filled with culinary adventures. Whether visiting picturesque Barolo, the town that gives its name to the most famous Italian red wine (and one of the best in our opinion), taking a walk along Neive’s cobbled streets of rusty-hued cottages, or exploring romantic villages such as Barbaresco or La Morra, each one more beautiful than the last, we just can’t get enough of it. It is stunning really and prices for eating out and staying in charming agriturismi are more than reasonable.

While you can enjoy top notch gourmet restaurants, we prefer rustic places filled with loud Italian families and down to earth crowds. Our favorite meals are the lively Sunday lunches where you can sit for hours and enjoy specialities like traditional Piedmont pasta – tiny homemade ravioli del plin, cooked in butter and sage or tajarin, smothered in a rich meat ragù or – when in season – topped with white truffle.

While we love spending time in the Langhe which is totally devoted to growing grapes, the Roero region is amazing aswell. Naturally you will still find wine here – in fact our favorite white wine is cultivated here from the local Arneis grapes – but this is also where truffle dogs will sniff up truffles and funghi porcini which hide in the dense woods and forests. This is also home to the hazelnut orchards and where Nutella is made. And we were pretty stunned to find so many khaki trees. (You know we love all things Khaki!)

This time around we went with Fratelli Vini to pick up the wine they produced in Barbaresco. A delicious blend of Barbera and Nebbiolo. Sidenote: Check out their website here. if you’re interested. We also visited some more winemakers who are always keen on uncorking their bottles and serve some local sausage or cheese with it. A little tipp: Even if you’re not interested in buying wine from them, it is still polite to at least buy one or two bottles.

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