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Christmas Cookie Party!

Aktualisiert: 24. Apr. 2020

Tralalalalaaa ahhhh we’re feeling all joyful – because it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… We’re always happy when all the Christmas lights go up, we love the cheerful gatherings and delicious meals shared with friends and family. Just think about it; the corny Christmas music, pretty candles, atmospheric Christmas markets, cozy sweaters and of course the alluring scent of freshly baked Christmas cookies.

Every year we host our annual cookie party which has become our pre-Christmas highlight. This year we are especially excited, because we got to share it with Fooby. They featured our story in their fall/winter mag and you can read all about it here.

The atmosphere at our legendary cookie party is always great. Together with our friends we laugh, chat, bake, decorate, sing, cheer and, of course, eat a hearty meal. We have put together a few tips to ensure that everyone has fun right up to the end and is properly engaged. We hope you host your very own cookie party this year and that it becomes a tradition among your friends aswell.

Planning is key!

First, tidy up your fridge and make sure there is enough space for the dough. Make sure you also have enough space in the kitchen and on tables to let your cookies cool down once you remove them from the oven.

Our tip: Provide enough wooden boards or similar surfaces on which the hot trays can be placed. Also check your stock. Is there enough baking paper? Cookie Cutters? Are oven mits and baking aprons at hand? Check!

Note: A glass of champagne is always a good idea and a funny Christmas playlist to sing along loudly will keep everyone in a splendid mood.

Mix it up!

Make sure you have a nice variety of recipes but also don’t overdo it. We usually ask our guests to send us their favourite recipes in advance.

Set up stations!

We set up stations and appoint our guests as important delegates: dough makers, dough testers (everyone), cookie cutters, cookie decorators, baking masters, cookie testers (everyone again), cookie box designers, chief of the Christmas playlists, chief of refilling champagne glasses, etc. Of course, everyone gets to do every station once...

Take it easy!

The stations are supposed to keep things going and to minimize the mess in the kitchen, the confusion of salt and sugar and the flour bombs. But a bit of chaos is part of it. After the last tray of cookies is baked, we clean up together.

Sharing is caring!

In the meantime the cookies have all cooled down and now it's time that everyone gets their fair share. Each guest gets to fill up a beautifully decorated cookie box to take home.

After so much sugar, we crave something savory. We love a hearty soup that can easily be prepared in advance and heated up. Serve with a crispy bread (pop it in the still hot oven for a minute) and enjooooy.

xx, Sibylle & Sue

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