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Colorful Hummus

Aktualisiert: 24. Apr. 2020

We don’t really like to title our recipes with “best-ever-recipe-you’ll-ever-need-like-forever-for-the-rest-of-your-life” but this creamy basic hummus and creamy avocado hummus and creamy beet hummus recipe by our dear fellow foodie Eliane is about to win that title. It honestly is real food meets slightly fancy-impress-your-guests food. Best part: made from scratch, quick and easy and loaded with good-for-you ingredients. This is so tummy-rumbly-we’re-gonna-eat-the-whole-thing good. So we say thank you for giving us life with this recipe, Eliane! And now, we think all you lovely people out there should go make this silky smoothness and fank her foo. Sorry, mouth full! WHAT YOU'LL NEED - 800g cooked and drained chickpeas - 3 tablespoons of the water you cooked your chickpeas in - 2 tablespoons tahini - 1 whole lemon, juiced - 1 teaspoon fleur de sel - 6 tablespoons olive oil Topping: - mint, coriander, parsley or whatever herb you like 1 – Soak the chickpeas over night and cook them according to package directions. 2 – Rinse the chickpeas in cold water and transfer them into your mixer. 3 – Add the tahini, 3 tablespoons of water you cooked them in, lemon juice and fleur de sel and mix for a minute or two. 4 – Slowly add the olive oil while gently pulsing. 5 – Transfer to a nice bowl, drizzle with olive oil, garnish with some leftover chickpeas and herbs of your choice. Serve with sliced veggies or pita bread. For the beet hummus simply add some cooked beets. For the avocado hummus add one avocado and replace the olive oil with avocado oil.

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