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Elderflower Syrup

Yay, it's June, meaning it's sunny and almost officially summer! Or in other words, it’s peony and elderflower season and if you know us, that gets us really excited! Spring & summer are our favorite seasons. We would like it to always be spring & summer except for like 2 out of 365 days. One would be Christmas Day, during which we’d like it to be ice cold and snowing like crazy and one would be a cozy crisp fall afternoon (sunny tho) for a nice walk in the park followed by a hearty soup and the smell of roasted chestnuts. That's hardly too much to ask for, is it?

So like every year in June, we made our delicious elderflower syrup, bottled it up and are now gifting it to friends and family. The syrup is actually pretty easy to make. Way easier than jelly if you ask us. And the whole process of making it is pure joy to us. From the relaxing walk through the forest to harvest the blossoms, to creating the labels for the bottles and ultimately gifting it to friends and enjoying it ourselves... we love every part of it!

Elderflower syrup is such a crowd pleaser too. Have you ever met anyone who doesn't like it? There's nothing that beats a huge glass of ice cold elderflower syrup on a hot summer day when you're reeeeally thirsty. But it doesn't stop there, you can drizzle it over fresh fruit w/ yoghurt, add a little bit into whipped cream for a lovely hint of floral flavor or make a cocktail on the rocks and invite all your girlfriends over, don't mind if we do. Cheers, ladies!

What you'll need

- 10 Elderflower Blossoms

- 2 liters cold water

- 2 lemons, sliced

- 2kg sugar

- 0.5g conservation agent (available at almost every pharmacy)

- 60g citric acid

1) Shake out your freshly picked elderflower blossoms, rinse them and place them on a kitchen towel for about half an hour. Shake them out again and then place them in a pot with water and lemons.

2) Cover the pot and let sit for about 24 hours

3) Strain the elderflower water, pour it back into your pot and add the sugar. Bring to a boil.

4) In a separat bowl, dissolve the conservation agent and the citric acid with a little bit of the syrup and then pour everything together in your pot. Stir well.

5) Fill into bottle et voilà

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