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Khaki Smoothie

Aktualisiert: 24. Apr. 2020

It’s official: We’re hooked on khakis.

Khaki smoothies, khaki smothered with ricotta and drizzled with lime, khaki salad and so many more khaki recipes that so far only exist in our heads, but we’ll get there. The best part: when you cut them open they have a pretty little star shape in the middle. Daaaawww. They’re stunning, really. This smoothie is our current go-to winter smoothie with the perfect amount of cinnamon to make us feel all cosy and stuff. Nothing fancy, just simple ingredients blending together perfectly. Give it a go, you will looove.

Xx Sue & Sibylle


- 1 khaki

- 1 banana

- 300 ml almondmilk

- 1 tsp almondbutter

- 1 tsp cinnamon

- a dash of fleur de sel

1 – Mix all the ingredients in your Nutri Bullet and serveee

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