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From our last post you’ve probably noticed, we’re kinda obsessed with khakis. So *drumrolls please* here is the khaki smoothie bowl for you to make for tomorrow’s breakfast, next Sunday’s brunch or better yet: right now. This is healthy eating at its easiest, just give yourself one trip to the grocery store and five minutes with your nutribullet and voilà: YOU. ARE. DONE. And ready to take on real life. WHAT YOU'LL NEED - 1 khaki - 1 banana - 1 plain greek yoghurt - 1 tbsp honey - 1 tsp vanilla protein powder - a dash of fleur de sel Toppings: - khaki, sliced - granola - honey

1 – Mix all the ingredients in your nutribullet or mixer of choice

2 – Top with some more khakis, granola and drizzle with honey

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