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New Year’s Eve is a pretty big deal in our friends group. Let us paint a picture: All of our girlfriends perfectly styled in cocktail dresses and heels, the guys in suit and bowties. At the beginning everyone is standing around fancy appetizers with their welcome drinks in one hand and iPhone in the other to capture the moment, us girls touching up our lipstick between sips, and everyone laughing, chatting and having a great time before the madness begins. By madness we mean the cook off that is about to happen. Every year we make teams of two and each team prepares a course. Think welcome drink, followed by many different vegetarian and non vegetarian appetizers, then main courses and of course cheese and dessert are a must. (The idea behind this was so that the hosting couple wont have tob e in the kitchen all night long. Also the teams always have to clean up after every course!)

Naturally every year each team wants to surprise everyone else with an extravagant and extra yum dish. → Note, this evening is really far from a competition, for the most part, we are all there with just a few main goals which include eating, drinking, celebrating friendships, dancing and laughing until our feet and faces hurt! So we wanted to share some recipes from past years with you. We’ll start off with our pretty in pink welcome drink and wish you A HAPPY DELICIOUS NEW YEAR! Xx, Sue & Sibylle

((Blog post for Betty Bossi's Kraut und Rüben))

WELCOME DRINK (per glass) - 25 cl gin - 15 cl fresh lemon juice - 1 tbsp raspberry syrup - 2 mint twigs, diced - 2 ice cubes - soda water - thyme twig and ice cubes for garnish 1 – Mix all oft he ingredients except for the soda water in a shaker 2 – Poor into a cocktail glass until 2/3 and fill up with soda water 3 – Add ice cube and thyme twig for garnish, serve & cheers


BEET RAVIOLI WITH HONEY RICOTTA AND PECAN DATE CRUMBLE (serves 6 to 8) - 2 large raw beets - 2 tbsp olive oil - thyme twigs Filling: - 250g ricotta - 1 tbsp honey - 1/2 tsp fleur de sel Crumble: - 3 dates - 1 handful of pecans - lemon zest Dressing: - 2 tbsp raspberry balsamic - 2 tbsp honey - 1tsp fresh lemon juice - Fleur de sel and pepper to taste Garnish: - lemon zest - thyme twigs 1 – Wash your beets and stab them a couple of times with a fork. Place each of them on foil, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with some fleur de sel and thyme twigs. Wrap the foil around the beets. 2 – Bake them in the oven at 200°C for about 60 minutes. Remove from oven and let them sit for a while until completely cooled off. Peel them gently and make very thin slices. 3 – For the filling: Combine ricotta with honey and add fleur de sel and pepper to taste. Place a little dollop on top of each beet slice. 4 – Chop up dates and pecans, combine with lemon zest and sprinkle a little bit on top of the ricotta dollops. Gently fold the beet slices into half moon ravioli. 5 – Place 3-5 ravioli on a plate and drizzle with some honey balsamico dressing and garnish with thyme twigs and lemon zest and serve.


CHOCOLATE FIGS (for dessert) - 4 to 6 figs, cut in half - 100g chocolate (dark or white), melted - pistacchios, raw and crushed - edible rose pedals - mint leaves - coconut flakes 1 – Melt the chocolate over medium heat in a sauce pan. 2 – Cut the figs in half and dip them in the melted chocolate 3 – Drizzle them with desired topping and place them in the fridge until you serve them

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