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Roasted Almond Porridge

Aktualisiert: 24. Apr. 2020

While we’re really looking forward to warmer days and smoothie bowls every day, we love our favorite cold days brekkie. Porridge. Or oatmeal. Or just pure deliciousness-heaven-straight-out-of-the-oven-breakfast. Oatmeal is really a Comme Soie favorite and so simple to make. If you’re in a hurry, you can speed things up by pooring boiling water over your oats. But we really recommend you put them in the oven, as they get so wonderfully crunchy at the top. We use any rainy day on warmer days as an excuse to indulge in this yummy satisfying breakfast. Or basically after every yoga class to fuel up! Enjoy!! WHAT YOU'LL NEED - ½ cup oats - ½ cup almond milk (rice milk or soy milk is delicious too!) - a dash of fleur de sel and cinnamon - Homemade Almondbutter (try our recipe)

1 – preheat your oven at 220° 2 – place your oats in a ovensave little form and cover with the milk or water and sprinkle with salt and cinnamon 3 – bake for about 20 minutes, until the oats are cooked through and the top is crunchy 4 – top with a tablespoon of our homemade almondbutter or any fruit of your choice (we like sliced bananas or blueberries) 5 – enjoy!

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