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Saffron Cake

We've never really had saffron in anything sweet. So this is a new experience taste bud wise.

What you'll need:

- 1 cake dough (we were lazy and used store bought, just make sure it's organic)

- 2 dl cream

- 1 dl milk

- 1 tsp saffron

- 6 egg yolks

- 1 tbsp honey

- 1 pinch of salt

1) Preheat the oven to 220°. Blind bake the dough for about 10 minutes using cherry stones or dried chickpeas.

2) In the meantime, add the cream and the milk to a pot and bring to a gentle boil, add the saffron and let simmer for about 5 minutes. 3) Beat the egg yolks with the honey and pinch of salt, then add the saffron cream. 4) Pour the mixture over your blind-baked dough and bake for an other 20 minutes at 150°.

Enjoy xx

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