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The Tiny Factory

When The Tiny Factory asked us if we wanted to try their Granola, we were so happy. To be totally honest, it wasn't the first time we tried it, we've actually had it before and we love it! Fun fact: The Tiny Factory Founder's name is also Sibylle. Even spelled the same. So Comme Soie and The Tiny Factory is a match made in heaven :) So here are two ways how we love our Granola.

The easy "whatever-you-got-in-your-fridge" Yoghurt

You know those mornings when you're in a rush or can't be bothered to fuss? That's when it's time for a low-maintenance recipe that can barely be called a recipe because it doesn't even require a kitchen tool, putting on a stove or heating up a pan. All you need is


-Whatever fruit you have


-The Tiny Factory Classic Granola

Assemble everything in a bowl (or a stack in a mason jar if you're on the go) & enjoy!

The easy like Sunday morning Smoothie

Full of fruity and vegetable-y (!) goodness, this creamy smoothie is a pretty wholesome and nutritious dream. Add to your nutribullet:

-2 frozen Bananas

-1 date

-1 tbsp of Cacao

-1 handful of Spinach (no-one will even notice this)

-2 ice cubes

-100 ml roasted almond milk

mix well, then add to a bowl and topp of with

-1/2 banana

-The Tiny Factory Chocolate Granola

We love slow mornings and hope you try one of these recipes!

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