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Staying sharp with Victorinox!

Aktualisiert: 24. Apr. 2020

As you may have seen, over the last year we created some content for Victorinox. We were very excited about collaborating with them. Honestly, who doesn’t love their iconic Swiss Army Knife?! A life savor in so many situations. Don’t get us wrong and think we’re weirdos, but we have one in the car, one in our hiking backpack, a small one on our key chain (you never know, but it might come in handy en route to wherever). And there most definitely is one in that messy kitchen drawer. Oh come on, don’t tell us you don’t have a messy kitchen drawer?! The one where you throw everything in? Things like pens, rubber bands, post-its, chopsticks from sushi take out, gum, batteries (mostly dead ones that’ve been sitting there forever), bobby pins, lids that don’t go with anything anymore, vouchers, things you don’t want to throw out yet but will eventually? And everytime you open that drawer you dread it cause chances are you’re not gonna be able to close it cause it’s.too.full. Anyways enough about the Army Knife, Victorinox has evolved into five product categories; Household and Professional Knives, Watches, Travel Gear and Fragrances.

This year we got to work with the Household Knives. We tried almost every piece of this collection

and honestly we loved them so much! Each product embodies functionality, quality and innovation in its design. The knives are very light and thanks to their soft wooden handle, they are comfortable to hold and work with. Especially with the Steak Knives you feel like you're gliding through butter. :) Each knife is unique due to the natural grain of the walnut wood. And boy are they sharppp! You gotta be careful kids! It’s a very high quality stainless steel blade. We’ve had them since this spring and they’re still as sharp as on day one. And the best part, the knives are all Swiss Made.

Sharp Knive

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