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A magical weekend in Zermatt.

Aktualisiert: 24. Apr. 2020

When Zermatt Tourismus invited us to come and spend 4 days in Zermatt we were pretty excited. Little did we know how incredibly amazing it was actually going to be.

First we checked in at the Cervo - arguably the most stylish hotel which offers the perfect balance between alpine charm and contemporary elegance. The staff is wonderful with a true commitment to excellent hospitality. They sure know how to create a beautiful home away from home. We loved our room with stunning views of the Matterhorn. Cervo is the place to enjoy the taste of divine food. On our first night we got the menue surprise by Kusi, Cervo's head chef. Every single dish was fantastic. A combination of local gastronomy with cuisine around the world. Yum.

The next morning after breakfast we headed straight up to Sonnegga for a long hike. Zermatt is the most charming village in the Swiss Alps with the majestic Matterhorn stealing the show. It is a skier and hiker’s paradise with slopes and paths winding through stunning scenery and plenty of Matterhorn views. One of our favorites was the Matterhorn reflecting off Stellisee and also the view from the restaurant Chez Vrony while enjoying a glass of wine and fondue.

View from Chez Vrony

At night, Marco, a wonderful local who is also the founder of Zermatt Unplugged, joined us for a "Kitchen Around" Dinner. The idea is that you dine in the heart of every restaurant - the kitchen. After each course you move on to a new restaurant. This is a very unique experience, as you get to witness how chefs and staff work their magic and prepare delicious dishes.

The highlight was our hike on Saturday. Not a normal hike, the "Horugüet Hike". It is a foodie's dream. You hike from one restaurant to the next and get to enjoy a delicious treat at each stop. The best part: You hike in big groups with a mix of locals and tourists. It's really amazing as you get to try out so many fancy places that you probably woulnd't know about. For example the best Crèmeschnitte everrrr you will get at Restaurant Zum See - make sure you try it, it is out of this world delicious. Also the Ravioli at Adler Hitta were pretty amazing - even at 10 am with a glass of Pinot. At the end of our hike we danced the night away at an openair party with live bands, drinks and raclette.

On the last day we already felt a little ache in our hearts at the thought of leaving. We enjoyed a soothing yoga class with Michele - a wonderful yogi. Contact her for the perfect start of the day and to relax some stiff muscles after a long day of hiking or skiing. You will also be in for a treat if you book the Sunday brunch at Cervo. Make sure you get the eggs benedict. Delish!

Thank you for an unforgettable time filled with the most divine food, hikes and conversations. To the people of Zermatt: You are the embodiment of kindness, generosity and fun and you all have a heart of gold.

We left with our bellies full of delicious treats, our hearts full of joy and memories to last a lifetime. We can't wait to return to this magical spot. Merci, es isch hüere güet gsy!

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